Another Trip to the “Last Wild River”

Hey gang,

The warmer weather of March and the promise of spawning fish brought on another film trip to the Devils. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, as I sat in my car waiting to meet guide Kevin Stubbs in Junction Texas the weather had a change in mind. The temps dropped, wind shifted direction and light rain began to fall. What began as a pleasant day of 65 degrees would end up being a miserable day with temps hovering around 38 degrees. Of course the saying here in Texas usually holds true,”if you don’t like the weather stick around for 10 minutes, it’ll change.” Kevin was running late which meant we’d be setting up camp in the dark. Did I mention it was cold, windy and rainy ? The road through the ranch to the river was just as rough as I remembered from last October and took the normal hour and a half to drive the five miles in. The wind blew hard as I worked to set up my tent. Kevin decided to sleep on the front seat of his truck rather than put his tent up by lantern light. Morning broke with warmer temps and calm winds. We spent the day setting up camp along side the river, talking about the footage I hoped to get and inflating the rafts. The day was perfect for fishing but there was no time for that. After a great dinner and conversation by the fire we climbed into our sleeping bags for a much needed restful night, knowing that the next morning Kevin’s clients would arrive for two days of fabulous fishing on the Last Wild River in Texas. Daylight arrived with the temps hanging at a balmy 19 degrees…. Whoa, what happened to March in Texas ! Luckily I had packed two down sleeping bags and a small propane tent heater so with the flick of a match and five minutes of waiting in the warmth of a sleeping bag I had a warm and toasty tent to relax in. Kevin headed out early for the hour and forty minute drive to pick the clients up.

In short, the weekend turned out to be fantastic. The clients could fish, the weather was typical for March with daytime temps reaching the mid 70’s, nights in the upper 40’s and the fish were big and more than happy to bend a rod.

More on the next trip later.