Funny Interview

Awhile back Trish and I had an idea. Yeah, believe it or not I do occasionally have an idea even if it’s not an original idea. Our two boys are always doing and saying some of the funniest things, at least to us they’re funny, so we decided to make a list of questions and setup an interview situation in the studio. We sat each boy down separately and asked the questions from the list. It was hard not to laugh at some of their answers. This is a short cut from Hanks interview. At some point we’ll edit, color correct and finish the entire interview with both boys.

Corporate Video

Well, since I seem to be on a roll here I guess I’ll just add another finished project to the blog. Last spring I was hired to shoot and edit a video for a company that recruits junior military officers and places them with corporations around the world. The video lives on their website and is beneficial in helping potential recruits understand how the company operates and how the company has helped past recruits transition from the military to successful careers in the corporate world. It was a long but fun project. When the shooting was finished we were left with 9 hours of footage to edit down to about 13 minutes.

Script by Trish McCabe Rawls at Creative Noggin,

A Great Cause

Last March I was asked to shoot and edit a video for a wonderful nonprofit organization that organizes and hosts retreats each April for women recovering from breast cancer. The final product would be a 10 to 15 minute video the organization could use to create more awareness to Breast Cancer recovery and to also be shown at the many fly fishing conventions and shows throughout the country in hopes of increasing donations to such a worthy cause. Being a fly fishing fanatic and one time Orvis guide I had a personal connection with the Casting For Recovery organization. Each of the two years prior I had been involved with Casting For Recovery as a river guide. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute on the water with these ladies and was excited at the opportunity to give even more of myself to this fantastic cause. These retreats are most often the first time any of these ladies have ever touched a fly rod much less standing thigh deep in a cool stream fishing for trout. The ladies spend two fun filled days learning the basics of casting, tying flies and fishing techniques. They also use this time together to bond with each other, to share their experiences and to just make new friends. They split their time on the third day, with the morning being spent on the water with a river guide and the afternoon eating a fabulous lunch and attending an awards ceremony. In the previous two years as a river guide we had always has decent weather for the retreat but not this year… It was cold, windy and sometimes drizzling, not the best weather for shooting footage. I volunteered as a river guide again this year and of course, as luck would have it, the weather was wonderful. The video has received wonderful reviews from the Texas and National staff members of Casting For Recovery and the heartfelt personal notes I’ve received from many of the participants makes participating in such organizations all the more worthwhile. You can volunteer or make a donation to the Casting For Recovery organization by go to the following website.

Script by Trish McCabe Rawls at Creative Noggin,