Finally, after a year of shooting.

Hey gang,

It’s been a year since we received the original go ahead on this project and during that time we shot hours upon hours of footage. We shot scenery in the spring, summer & fall, festivals, businesses, people on the street, factories, flowers, fishing and the list goes on. When the shooting was completed in January we still had to deal with post production and anyone who knows anything about video production knows that editing and post can take up many, many hours. Sitting in a dark room full of computers and monitors for days on end can make Jack, or in this case Scott, a dull boy…. I think that’s how that saying goes. At any rate it’s finished and is now showing in the Fredericksburg CVB theater and on our Vimeo site. Special thanks go out to Scott for all his hard work at the computer, Trish for the script, the story board, the pre-production and for holding my hand through it all. Also want to thank all the models who volunteered their time and energy and a big thanks to Alex Verde in San Diego for the wonderful Voice Over and Patric Sleighholm for the animation work. We hope you enjoy it. Now we’re on to the next project.