Gotta love the creative staff at Boys’ Life.

Last summer I received a call from Boys’ Life Magazine with another wonderful assignment to photograph a feature story on fishing. Scott and Garth both know how much I love fishing, I’ve been fortunate to have shot a few stories on the subject during the past three or four years. The cover of the April 2013 issue of Boys’ Life was one I shot on an assignment off the coast of Alabama, so when I received the call to fly to Missouri to photograph a story on fly fishing I was really excited. This would be a story about Scouts learning the sport of fly fishing and earning merit badges in the process. I spent two days at the S bar F Scout Ranch about 80 miles South of St. Louis, Missouri where the Scouts rotated through a series of training sessions throughout the day. In addition to fishing, the Scouts  also learned to clean and cook their catch and tie their own flies. It was a lot of fun and in the end, the creative staff at the magazine couldn’t agree on which image they wanted to use on the cover so they ran an online contest and asked Scouts to vote on the image they thought would make the best cover for the April 2014 issue of Boys’ Life Magazine. Here are the two images that were being voted on. Ultimately Scouts from around the country ended up choosing the image of the boy holding the fish. I think I prefer the image of the Scout learning to tie his first fly, but either way, it was another fun shoot and I’m very thankful to the folks at BSA for the opportunity to shoot another assignment for Boys’ Life Magazine.