Outdoor Lighting

I’ve always been an outdoors person, worked in studios quite a bit over the years but I’ve always preferred shooting outside whenever possible. So it’s no big surprise that I’d carry my strobes outdoors. I’ve shot more lit images outdoors than I can count. Obviously portable strobes are the best way to go when the ambient light won’t work but I’ve used studio strobes when electricity happened to be within the reach of an extension cord or two. Many photographers use their camera flash units attached to a small umbrella or small soft box but I’m sort of old school and prefer a larger light source and more powerful strobe so I’m still using my old reliable Comet PMT which I attach to either a medium soft box or a large 6 foot soft box. Shooting outdoors requires some practice and technique to be able to pull off a nice shot with limited time. Below are a few outdoor strobed shots I’ve done over the years. Most recently I photographed my son AJ for some promo material he uses in his 3 Gun competition.

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