What’s in the BAG ?

image image imageOver the years I’ve used & abused several different style and size camera bags. The assignment usually dictated the bag and the equipment it contained. For years I used an old Domke bag and loved it and I still have that bag in the equipment closet. About three years ago I not only switched camera brands but also camera types. After many years of dragging around Nikon and Canon full frame camera bodies and fast lenses I made the switch to the Olympus OMD micro four thirds system. Because this system is so much smaller in size I can now carry the same number of bodies & lenses as I did with the DSLR’s but in a much smaller bag with less weight on my back & shoulders. So a few days ago I was approached with the question, “so what’s in the bag?” I had never really given much thought to what I carried in my camera bag, I just filled it with things I normally used on a typical assignment and went on about my business. But the question got me thinking, “what is in my camera bag right this minute?” So I emptied it and photographed it’s contents. (Photo #1) I’ll add that I always carry a body with a lens attached outside of what’s found in the bag. ┬áThen I added a few other things I sometimes take with me on assignment but won’t fit in the bag unless I rearrange and take something out or use a bigger bag. (Photo #2) And lastly I photographed all my Olympus gear, with the exception of the T G-4 camera that I forgot to get from the equipment closet. (Photo #3)