Antigua Days 2 & 3

As I’ve said many times, Antigua is a magical city, a photographers dream. My good friend and fellow photographer John Wong and I are in Guatemala right now to do some photo work for the Mayan Families NGO but before we headed out to Panajachel where Mayan Families is based we were able to spend 3 days in Antigua. The weather this time of year can be quite iffy since it’s the rainy season, and we did have some rain and overcast weather but we also had some beautiful light to chase. As posted earlier I’m battling with a laptop I’m not accustomed to and an editing program that sucks so I can’t really tell how well these photos are going to reproduce on a good monitor. It’s Saturday July 23rd and we’re now in Panajachel but here’s a few photos from the last two days in Antigua.

ArchReflectionSunny_editedArchReflectionClose_editedChurchTukTuk_editedCierodeLaCruz_editedColumns_editedRestaurant Window_editedStreet Corner Man_editedCowboyBikes_editedBikes2_editedLeafInWater_editedBlueDoorHorizontal_editedGrassRoof_editedTienda_edited

Mayan Families NGO

For quite some time I’ve wanted to work with NGO’s, I’ve talked about wanting to do it, thought deeply about what it would mean to me to give back something but I never actually made the effort. At least not until recently when I contacted Mayan Families, a great organization based out of Panajachel Guatemala. You might ask, why Guatemala when we have so many NGO’s in the U.S. that could benefit from photography? Well, for several reasons. The first reason would be our son AJ. AJ was born in Guatemala, born to young migrant farm workers who barely got by and who could never support a child the way they wanted so Trish & I were so very blessed to be able to give AJ what his biological parents dreamed for him. Guatemala has the 4th highest rate of childhood malnutrition in the entire world and that rings home with me since I know AJ could have been one of the statistics. Another reason is because I love Guatemala, I love the culture, the landscape & the always friendly people. So after 3 years since my last trip to Guatemala I find myself back in Guatemala for a couple of weeks to finally begin fulfilling the thoughts of working with NGO’s. My good friend and fellow photographer John Wong has joined me on this journey, another good Christian man who also wants to give something back. Over the next two weeks we will travel from Guatemala City to Antigua, spending a couple of days in Antigua and then on to Panajachel where we hope to create wonderful images of beautiful Mayan children & families. I’ll post images over the next two weeks and after I return to Texas so check back often. I can’t guarantee they’ll look all that great since I’m traveling light with a small, cheap Lenovo laptop (I’m a Mac person)  and editing software I’ve never used before (not Photoshop). As I know I’ll be asked at some point, I’m shooting with a couple of Olympus E-M1 cameras, an Oly 12-40mm 2.8 lens, a Pany 35-100mm 2.8 lens, an Oly 17mm 1.8 lens and an Oly 45mm 1.8 lens. Here’s a couple of photos from Antigua, the weather hasn’t cooperated here today but we still have tomorrow before we head to Panajachel on Saturday.La Casbash Restaurant_editedReflection_editedRestaurant Window_editedSeeds_editedChurch 1_edited