Latest Rock & Vine Magazine Cover

As some of you may know, lately I’ve been shooting quite a bit for a magazine called Rock & Vine. At this time it’s a regional magazine but it’s popularity is growing and the magazine is looking better and better with each published issue. I’m excited about where this magazine can go and the publishers have a great vision for where they’d like to see it in the near future. I’ve been asked to help the magazine out and will be the “photo editor/chief photographer” of sorts, so I’m honored to be able to help guide it’s visual future. If you haven’t seen the magazine yet be sure to take a look on the news stands around central Texas, it’s popping up everywhere. In the past I’ve posted a couple of Rock & Vine covers I’ve done to my blog but here’s a scan of the latest one, it’s on the news stands now. Unfortunately scans don’t look as good as the actual cover image but here it is anyway. I’m also posting two prior covers as well. Now, go out and get yourself a Rock & Vine magazine so you can enjoy all the photos and info inside.BluebonnetCoverSmallRVfall17-01-COVERVinChefsSmall


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